• CoinEx Charity has been funding children in poor areas, bringing them back to school to continue their education.
• The Human Development Foundation (HDF) recently released a report thanking CoinEx Charity for its contributions and illustrating how the funds were used.
• HDF noted that the students at the Mercy Centre are learning, thriving and will be back in new classes after the Songkran holidays.

CoinEx Charity Empowers Children’s Education Through Charitable Giving

CoinEx Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children in poor areas get access to education. Since 2022, they have provided funds to help over 20,000 children go back to school through their Mercy Children’s Educational Welfare Program. Recently, they received a report from the Human Development Foundation (HDF), located in Klong Toey – Bangkok’s largest slum community- thanking them for their generous donations and illustrating how these funds have been used.

How Funds Have Been Used

The funds donated by CoinEx Charity have been used to purchase school uniforms, shoes, books, stationary and other essential items for the children living at HDF’s Mercy Centre as well as pay school fees for them. These opportunities afforded by education helps these kids break out of poverty and give them knowledge and capabilities to assist in getting skilled jobs when they grow older.

Success Of This School Year

This February marks the end of this academic year and students will soon graduate or move up to the next grade level. According to HDF’s report, this year was successful with students learning well and having fun with each other while playing around too! They also express gratitude towards CoinEx Charity for providing daily teaching supplies for the children at Mercy Centre which made it easier for them during their studies.

About HDF & Mercy Centre

HDF is a non-profit charitable foundation focused on helping poor communities where it currently houses 100 children more than 20 of whom were born with HIV/AIDS. Through its efforts on providing protection, care and appropriate education for these kids along with assistance from CoinEx Charity they are preparing themselves for better future opportunities ahead of them while being surrounded with love & warmth throughout their journey of growth into adulthoods .


The Human Development Foundation (HDF) expresses its great appreciation towards CoinEx charity’s generous donations which helped many kids at HDF’s Mercy Centre receive higher quality education & better opportunities ahead of them breaking away from poverty cycle . Alongside that , it also thanked CoinEx charity for providing necessary teaching supplies which made it easier during their studies throughout this academic year .

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